“We believe that all People and Companies should have access to the same business opportunities.”

Buying and selling must be simple and fast, taking advantage of all the technology we have to gain time, time to have ideas and make contacts, the time to build a successful business.
We learn by interacting, interacting we create information exchange networks, and it is through these networks that evolution is processed.

Evolution is the result of competition, but competition can be healthy, and when it is, success is for everyone and for everyone.

Principles of the hook biz Manifesto

We defend,

  • finding a supplier quickly and practically;
  • the possibility for companies to publicize their portfolio and make their services available, without resorting to traditional, monotonous and expensive means of advertising;
  • chain-building, contacts and new ideas;
  • interactivity;
  • real-time response;
  • the generation of healthy competition;
  • the meeting of the best budget and proposal for the award of a service / product;
  • a business facilitator model in any area;
  • transparency and credibility from the demand to the closing of a business;
  • access to all and for all: the platform has no cost associated for companies that want to be part of the network;
  • the generation of strategic partnerships for future business.

For these principles to become reality, people are needed to keep the community open and functioning - entrepreneurs who act as anchors, to publicize the companies they are involved in, and to motivate other groups of people to do the same.

From Words to Action

The hook biz project commits itself to:

  1. promote business models that create economic value and are of public benefit;
  2. Build and implement technology for a community of entrepreneurs who support the principles of the Manifesto;
  3. build and distribute to businessmen services within the network that support the principles of the Manifesto;
  4. Use the goods generated by the hook-biz project - infrastructure, financial resources and reputation, to keep it as a free platform.

hook biz was the first global idea with this concept - a business-to-business portal that shares real-time projects and proposals in a free and transparent way.

It presents an alternative, a social business network with a simple and practical interface that shows the client proposals from different suppliers, giving you the freedom to choose the most fair and appropriate business.

This business model and the potential growth of a cloud infrastructure will enable and encourage large network providers to update how they relate to customers - and what customers should in fact address. This is the absolute democratization of the demand and supply market.

hook biz project commitments

The project that gives life to hook biz Manifesto undertakes the following objectives:

  • extending traditional channels of access to business opportunities and promoting cooperation between entrepreneurs / businesses and their relationship with markets, promoting transparency and decentralization in project allocation;
  • to create productive commercial links between micro, small and medium companies in order to integrate entrepreneurs from these small enterprises into supply chains, boosting sales and profits in the regions and countries in which they operate;
  • to increase business opportunities for micro and small enterprises - these can sometimes have great capacity for innovation, know-how and are well positioned to respond to projects that may not have access to the common demand-supply channels.


The hook-biz project invites everyone who agrees and supports the principles of this Manifesto to join us and find new ways to make this vision of business a reality.

“We can get there first if we go alone, but together we will go further!”
Clarice Lispector

Objectives of the Manifesto:

  • Communicate the idea clearly and succinctly so that everyone can spread this vision about business;
  • speak to people regardless of the depth of their technical knowledge or involvement in business management;
  • to make hook-biz project developers proud of the project they are involved in and motivated to continue.