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hook business partner programme
General contract conditions

Exclusive Partner Programme

The partnership model is commission based and therefore depending on the generated revenue from the premium subscription plans and advertising on hook biz by subscribers. It is an exclusive partner model for each country or region (cluster of smaller countries).

The exclusive partnership model means that there is only one unique partner per country or region allowed to operate for, the reasoning for this model is fairly simple, by this way it is undisputedly guaranteed that the revenue generated in that particular country or region is exclusively derived from the marketing effort of the exclusive partner.

What hook biz offers

  • commissions up to 30%
  • recognition
  • single exclusive partner in the country or region
  • training and help desk
  • permission to use the hook biz® brand in events and communication
  • free top premium account subscription
  • Initial contract for 2 to 3 years, thereafter renewed annually

Requirements to become partner

We accept companies to become hook biz partner only when they have a strong component in marketing & media and experience of these in their country or region.

Those interested should;

  1. knowing the market of their country or region which they represent very well
  2. create and submit an account and marketing strategy plan based on statistics with an estimation of potential companies in each activity sector.
  3. develop a local marketing and communication plan
  4. to propose a roadmap plan with objectives for the coming two years

Obligations of partners

The partners are committed to the following conditions during the contract period,

  1. have a real address
  2. telephone line, landline (fixed network)
  3. translate and update to the local language within hook biz platform, for the country or region where the partner operates
  4. contribute with suggestions for improvement of the functionality and translation of the hook biz platform
  5. respond to queries of clients and complaints relating to existing or new features
  6. review and follow published content on hook biz: posts, wall, groups...
  7. amending content and align it to the needs and behavior of users
  8. propose, review, develop and implement marketing activities and communication to improve the network
  9. create media attention, produce templates which could be used for press releases and articles to communicate with the local media.
  10. regularly writing articles on business blogs or other business communication channels, focus on the right the markets to promote (invite journalists of entities of interest)
  11. Follow a training to enable to provide demo’s locally
  12. create workshops and demo's explaining about how to use hook biz
  13. achieve the sales objectives, number/volume of sales

Partner Commission

Commissions can go up to 30% and are distributed according to the number of “sales” taking into account the scale of the country or region covered and the relation to the number of companies.


Whenever it is necessary to conduct meetings, they shall be held by video conferencing to discuss strategies and training.

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