Was ist hook biz

A facilitator of business between companies. Born from a simple but ambitious idea - to create a portal for business between companies, which act as a platform for sharing projects and proposals in real-time, a structure that aspires to be a social network business.

A portal that revolutionizes the way we do business and creates opportunities for companies. Drags with it a new concept. The process of finding the project that best fits the needs of companies becoming more agile, competitive, and is easier to close a business.
The social network aims to facilitate the approchement between providers and customers and business interaction between companies, through simple and intuitive processes.

The interaction between business acts as a social network and happens through the connections between people. Hook crosses automatically supply and demand, so the client does not look for a supplier, he actually meets the supplier.

The effort expended to captivate customers through traditional forms (commercial costs, phone calls, investments in advertising, mailings), is now converted into a force for involvement in new business opportunities and developing more competitive proposals.