Why is the status quo outdated!

We believe business web platforms will revolutionize the way we do business.

hook biz Project calls for a completely different way of doing business. It's supported by a community of engaged and engaging entrepreneurs who believe it's possible to reduce the effort within the supply-demand process by creating thousands of possible relationships between companies.

To do so, we associate all companies in a social network of business that facilitates global trade, by turning interaction between customers and suppliers into an easier process! Especially companies geographically distant, in which entrepreneurs need to have critical information to make decisions about priorities, projects and budgets without physical limits.

What hook biz stands for

SME clusters keep feeding means to reconcile the objectives of economic development, social sustainability and equitability. However, many businesses, especially startup companies and micro local businesses, face obstacles to their growth, since accessing new customers may consider a big commercial effort outside of their budgets, time deadlines and direct resources.

Today's market does not facilitate the integration of SMEs in supply chains, allowing the access to major business opportunities where they can prove their worth and earn income to support their growth.

hook biz intend to offer free access to all businesses in the world, and with it to offer the opportunity for all companies and entrepreneurs be part of something big! Smaller companies and startups, which represent a growing trend in our business community, are largely benefited by the possibility of immediate access to a community demand and supply business, since entry into the conventional distribution channels is one of the unfair challenges that initially they have to face.

As a result of these efforts, we have created a series of principles that we believe are critical for business growth. These principles are listed below.

hook biz manifesto principles

In the current context of economic crisis and limited financial resources in the business sector, we advocate:

  1. looking quickly and conveniently for a supplier;
  2. the ability of companies to make their own portfolio and offer their services without resorting to traditional, monotonous and expensive advertising media;
  3. generation chain, contacts and new ideas;
  4. interactivity;
  5. the real-time response;
  6. generating healthy competition;
  7. meet the best budget and proposal for a service/product award;
  8. a business model enabler in any area;
  9. transparency and credibility;
  10. access to all and for all: the platform has no cost, all companies can be part of the network;
  11. generating strategic partnerships for future business.

These principles will not come true by themselves. People are needed to make the community open and start to run! - we need entreperneurs to act as anchors to make this public in the companies where they work and to motivate other groups of people to do the same.

So, what can I do? Implementing hook biz manifest

hook biz team is committed to implement this manifest throughout the actions of:

  • promote business models whi create economic value;
  • build and implement an open technology to a business community that support the manifesto's principles;
  • build and deliver business services, within this platform, to support the manifesto's principles;
  • use goods generated by project hook biz (infrastructure, financial resources and reputation) to always keep an open platform.

hook biz is the first Portuguese idea with this concept - a portal for business between companies sharing projects and proposals in real time for free.

hook is presenting an alternative: a portal with a simple and practical interface that will show customer proposals from different suppliers, giving the customer the freedom to choose the appropriate and fairer deal.

This business model will enable and encourage large suppliers to update the way they interact with customers. This is the absolute market democratization for supply and demand! This way a supplier of a large company can be a local design shop, particularly innovative and creative. Large suppliers will fight side by side with some of the smallest.

hook biz promises

hook biz project is committed to the following:

  1. extend traditional channels that access to business opportunities and promote cooperation between entrepreneurs/ companies and their relationship with the markets, decentralization and promoting transparency in the allocation of projects;
  2. create productive business ties between micro and small enterprises and SMEs, in order to successfully integrate businesses of these small enterprises in supply chains, boosting the sales and profits of the regions and countries in which they operate;
  3. Increase business opportunities for micro and small businesses. Some small businesses have great capacity for innovation, know-how and are well positioned to respond to any project but may not have access to demand-supply channels.


hook biz invites all of you to support the principles of the manifest, to join us and find new ways to turn this vision into reality.

The objectives of the Manifesto are:

  1. Pass the idea clearly and succinctly so that everyone can propagate this view of business.
  2. Talk to people regardless of the depth of your technical knowledge or involvement in the business;
  3. Make hook collaborators feel proud of the project.

Ask yourself a question, that's how change begins. And then ask that very question of someone else.