Academy of Asian Martial Arts

Academy of Asian Martial Arts

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Brief description: Traditional martial arts for health and self defense.
Type: Self Employed


Address: 6601 Everhart, Suite B-3
Postal Code: 78413
Location: Corpus Christi
State: TX
Country:  United States

About us

BS Kinesiology. Started wrestling in Davenport, Iowa 1973. Began studying Shorin ryu karate in 1981, then Isshin ryu karate a little later. 8th degree blackbelt in Isshin ryu karate & kobudo, 6th in Advicula Combat Escrima, 4th in Phan ku ryu jujitsu, 4th in White Crane, 5th in Matsumura Ryu Batto Do. Taijiquan (T'ai Ch'i Chuan) practitioner since 1986.


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