Forestfin - Florestas E Afins, Lda

Forestfin - Florestas E Afins, Lda

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TAX ID: 510051030
Brief description: Consulting and Engineering in the forestry, agricultural and environment sectors
Interests: Forestry, Agriculture, Landscaping, Wood Flows, Biomass, Diligence systems, Forestry Precision, Agriculture Precision, Landregistration, Harvesting, Forestry Certification, Sustainability, Forestry Inventory, Agriculture Inventory, Forest Management, Training
Skills: Engineering, Consultancy, Operational Planning, Operational Follow-up, Strategic planning, Training
Company Dimension: 510051030
Type: Privately Held


Telephone: +351224906062
FAX: 224906062
Address: Avenida Da República, 2491 Sala 34
Postal Code: 4430-208 Vila Nova De Gaia
Location: Vila Nova De Gaia
State: No state
Country:  Portugal

About us

The team of ForestFin has over 25 years of experience and is responsible for carrying out numerous projects primarily associated with forestry, environment, landscaping and cartography and cadastre sectors.

Threw their own experience, both in terms of planning and in plan implementation, the strategy of ForestFin was to create a network of partnerships that allows the company to provide services in different areas:

- Forest - Afforestation and management of forest stands , forest management plans, including afforestation projects, forest inventory including collecting all the kind of data related with the site with georeferencing with GPS, forest harvesting, forest mechanization projects for soil preparation, plantation, stand management, forest road building and also for harvesting, developing mechanization systems with local resources, operational planning with control threw monitoring systems of the impact of the operations, forest certification projects , projects providing timber and / or biomass (logistic plans), development of traceability of forest products ( due diligence systems) , expertise with or without legal support , specialized training , projects to install biomass plants systems;

- Environment - environmental impact studies , recovery projects, environmental recovery works , design and implementation of biophysical structures , control and coordination of environmental works , use of waste for composting , specialized training;

- Landscaping - design of green spaces and landscaping , irrigation projects , landscaping works , recovery of green spaces, supervision and coordination of landscaping works , management of green spaces , specialized training;

- Cartography and cadastre - surveying, cadastre and land registration, thematic cartography, photo interpretation, specialized training.

In addition to the works referred to Forestfin Team also perform valuations, assessments and support in litigation, with or without legal support.

The ForestFin strategies is also to help their customers to get the financing for their projects.

The ForestFin team has, moreover, links the university sector, seeking to develop technology solutions that allow to plan and monitor the various activities , contributing to sustainable development not only at ecosystems , but also involving the local people and their businesses.

In 2014, with only three years of existence, ForestFin was consider the Best Portuguese Environmental Consultancy, by Acquisition International Finance Awards.

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