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Construction sites have their own share of security concerns. From the theft of equipment, accidents, disputes to criminal activities, they have become a breeding ground for several security incidents. According to one report, the theft of equipment and materials from construction sites cost $ 1 billion annually to the construction companies. The study further concludes that the numbers have been increasing at least 10% per year since 1996.

No wonder why more and more companies are opting for specialist security guard services for their construction sites.

So here we’ve outlined some common security concerns of a construction site and how a security guard can help prevent.

1. Being Prone to Thieves and Vandals:
Construction sites are an attractive target for thieves due to expensive materials and equipment on the site. The site generally houses metals, wood, plasters, tools, and big machinery. They are costly and replacing these items can make up a large part of your budget. If you are a small firm, you can’t afford to lose these expensive items.

Sometimes, they are stolen by employees or contractors.

This concern makes the deployment of a security guard at a construction site more important. The presence of a security guard will deter potential criminals. They will think many times before breaking into the site to steal.

2. Workplace Accidents:
It goes without saying that the construction industry has a high-risk environment. This is due to the moving objects, working at height, slips, falls, noise, inappropriate handling of materials and electricity. The fatality rate in the construction site is more than any other sector. While safety precautions are important, having a security guard can be beneficial in many ways. The construction site specialist security guards can handle emergency situations efficiently. They can even provide First Aid and CPR to save any injured worker’s life.

3. Fire Breakouts:
While all construction sites are prone to fire hazards of some form, the common risk areas are where jobs like refurbishment, reconstruction, and demolition are performed.

These are the areas where old cabling or dry wood could be out of the view of the workers. They just need to catch spark being originated from certain construction works like soldering and sawing. Then, the site generally contains combustible fuels like timber, insulating materials, LPG and adhesives. Top of that, most construction sites are not equipped with fire safety systems.

Having qualified security can make a difference as they can monitor the site and evacuate the workers in the case of a breakout while minimizing fire damage.

4. The entry of Unauthorized People:
Generally, construction sites remain busy while staff requires access to enter specific points across the site. This makes it challenging for the management to keep track of the authorized person in critical areas. Increasing safety risks due to unauthorized people on the site add to the safety issues. Construction security guards ensure that only verified person can access the location. This way, they can minimize the entry of unauthorized persons trying to access your construction site.

5. Workplace Dispute:

You never know when they take place. Sometimes they are created by unruly workers. Sometimes they take place as workers and management are not on good terms. Sometimes it is a heated debate that often leads to blows. Needless to say, all scenarios lead to violence, disturbance, and chaos at the site.

An efficient security guard will deal with the troublemakers and know how to keep them away from the job site until the matter is resolved or they are allowed to work.

Construction Security Guard Services
Security guards protect people and materials from harm at a construction site. This provides them a safe place to work where they can perform their duties with total peace of mind. Plus, you can prevent your firm from getting into unwanted legal issues occurring from safety concerns. Hiring security guards is an important step to protect your construction site.

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