What Are The Different Types Of Security Guards?

by BestWORLD | Security Guard Company | Hire Same Day Guard Services

When you’re in need of security guard services, it’s important to understand the exact types of security guards you may need. In reality, there are various types of security guards you can employ, and you need to know the differences in order to make the right decision for your safety. Here’s a quick overview to help.

Security Guard / Non-Commissioned Officer
An security guard goes through extensive training, although they don’t carry a weapon. This often makes them more versatile as they can easily travel onto public and private property, across BC lines (within British Columbia they are licensed in), and across international borders.

It’s important to note that guards are no less effective than armed guards in most situations. Whether armed, or unarmed, all professional security officers receive extensive training and spend many hours working on their physical and mental acuity so that they can protect you. This should certainly add to your confidence when hiring a security guard.

Bodyguard / Personal Protection Officer
Bodyguards & personal protection officers may or may not be armed, depending on their certifications and the clients’ needs. Most agencies employ a number of personal protection officers, all of whom specialize in protecting individuals. The hiring process for a personal protection officer is different from the process of hiring a person or team for a company or location. That’s because personal protection officers tend to work on a very personal level with clients, which requires interviewing to ensure the client and officer will work well together.

Typically, personal security officers will stay with a client on a long-term basis or work with the same clients repeatedly as needed. This helps ensure the client gets the best protection necessary. Personal protection officers can also work as a team when it is required. Personal protection officers are flexible and typically able to guard property, secure transportation and locations, and even accompany clients on trips abroad to ensure their safety in any setting.

Uniformed Security Personnel
In many situations, individuals and companies seek uniformed security personnel as the simple visual of a security presence can help deter would-be perpetrators. Most every security officer has experience working both in uniformed and casual settings, allowing them to be as subtle or as present as the client calls for.

Security companies are able to provide traditional security uniforms along with more flexible options that can better fit into your environment. For instance, you may request officers in executive security attire (i.e suit and tie), which allow them to both welcome and protect employees and clients without being overbearing. Uniformed officers may also wear business casual clothing, which can also help them fit into the environment more while still being in security uniforms.

Remote CCTV Monitor
If you have a CCTV system setup for your property or business, you should hire a remote CCTV monitor who can watch the cameras around-the-clock. Failing to monitor your CCTV system practically negates its purpose, which is why most businesses hire a monitor in conjunction with a security team. If the monitor detects anything suspicious, they can alert on-site security officers or the police directly, allowing for prompt response.

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