3D Busbar In Copper and Aluminum

by PARENTNashik

3D busbar - PARENTNashik - Paramount Enterprises


PARENTNashik is an expert in making complex shapes 3D busbar in copper and aluminum metal to suit customer's specifications and applications. 3-Dimensional risers are produced by cold forming process, dully machined end connectors sides, silver-plated and RPG sleeves fitted all over.

End connectors are cold-forged to get the desired thickness for fitment and then machined. This helps to reduce product cost tremendously. These busbars usually available fro dia 16 mm to 45 mm.

PARENTNashik has the capacity to produce busbar up to dia. 75 mm rods and bending in 3 dimensional.

PARENTNashik is committed to helping customers to give excellent quality, minimum price and quick delivery on the globe.

PARENTNashik also supports customers for engineering, R & D for new products, Proto-type module and cost reduction on the existing busbar.